Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers Day

I had a very nice Mothers Day. Neal smoked ribs and a tenderloin Saturday in honor of his mother, grandmother and my mom. We had a wonderful dinner. Sunday we had big plans to go out to dinner after church and do something fun. Our plans were changed when Judson got a really high fever and pretty much slept on the couch all day. If you know Judson that is very unlike him. However, it made for a very relaxing day. I actually enjoy taking care of sick people, especially my family. So, as weird as it sounds I had a wonderful Mothers day, doing what I love to do...serving my family.

My SIL and I decided to attempt to take a picture of the 5 grandchildren for my mom for Mothers day. They did pretty good, although it did take 2 days of photo shoots before we found one we really liked.