Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Starting with an amazing Good Friday service at our church and ending with a great lunch at my parents with a lot of my family and some very special friends. I am so greatful that we have the freedom to celebrate our Saviors resurrection. I love to make my children special Easter outfits, dye easter eggs, fill my childrens easter baskets, etc... but most of all I love celebrating the freedom I have because of what Christ endured on the cross. I do not deserve it and cannot earn it. It is a gift that cost my Father his perfect son. And it is available to ALL!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

6 months already!!

Mary Grace is already 6 mos. It is really hard for me to believe. I still think of her as this little tiny baby. She is so sweet and so much fun. She loves to laugh. I love her laugh!! She had her 6 months checkup and wouldn't let go of me. Dr. B said I was in trouble if she is already this clingy at 6 mos. I think she knew the shots were coming. Last time we were there she had a shot for croup. She associated the doctors office with pain!!!

A boy and some dirt

Neal brought Judson a pile of dirt home from the farm. Judson thought it was the best thing ever. All he wants to do is play in his dirt pile. He was almost in tears when it started raining. He was so afraid the rain would wash away all his dirt. Neal assured him he could get all the dirt he wanted at the farm. His cousins came over one day during spring break and they played in the dirt for hours. Judson had dirt caked in his hair. I had to really scrub to get it all out. Who knew how much fun a pile of dirt could be!!

Judson has also been praciting his golf!! He uses his jeep as his golf cart.