Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A boy and some dirt

Neal brought Judson a pile of dirt home from the farm. Judson thought it was the best thing ever. All he wants to do is play in his dirt pile. He was almost in tears when it started raining. He was so afraid the rain would wash away all his dirt. Neal assured him he could get all the dirt he wanted at the farm. His cousins came over one day during spring break and they played in the dirt for hours. Judson had dirt caked in his hair. I had to really scrub to get it all out. Who knew how much fun a pile of dirt could be!!

Judson has also been praciting his golf!! He uses his jeep as his golf cart.

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The Marsh's said...

I cannot get over how big he is! He is still as cute as ever and I am certain that he is an AWESOME big brother to that precious little Mary Grace...she is adorable!