Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beach Trip

We had a great family vacation at the beach!! We went to Cape San Blas for a week. The water was beautiful, except for a few jelly fish!! The weather was great also. Mom, Dad, Tommy, Neal, Me, and the 4 boys were all able to go. Tim and Jill were not able to come because of a crazy spinal headache Tim had. Instead of the beach, they spent the week in the hospital. I have decided that as long as we have young children vacation is going to look different. It is a lot of work. It's not always getting to do what I want to do (sitting on the beach relaxing). But I am so blessed to have a precious family to vacation with. I thank God for the wonderful memories that will be made each year. I thank God that we are able (physically and financially) to enjoy a vacation. The beach is such a wonderful place to be reminded of the majesty of our God. The vast ocean that looks like it never ends, just like His love. The waves that come only as far as He allows them to. The countless sea creatures that He created and all have a purpose. And the beautiful white sand that He knows exactly how many granules there are!!! Thank you God for a wonderful vacation!!

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Abby Maddox said...

I love this post... It sounds like are hearts are in line on the God-given pleasure of the beach. I'm ready for that sewing weekend whenever yall are...hopefully yall could teach me something!