Friday, December 19, 2008

Mary Grace and her friend John Martin

Mary Grace and John Martin Stickler had a playdate. They were too cute. John Martin watched Mary Grace. John Martin has the cutest smile, when he doesn't have his paci in his mouth. They are destined to be best friends just like Morgan and Judson. I can't wait to see what their little personalities are going to be like. We are having FUN!!!


Darby said...

Tami! They are so precious together! I love all these pictures! Thank you so much for sharing them! I could eat them both up!!

Darby said...

Oh... and if they're going to get married it's going to be a mouthful...

John Martin & Mary Grace Stickler

we may just have to shorten his... :)

erika said...

a double dose of double name delights. both so kissable. i would like to offer my blessing for an arranged marriage for Morgan & Judson and Mary Grace & John Martin. Just sayin'. :)