Sunday, February 10, 2008


Yes, BATS!! Several months ago I was in the laundry room and noticed 2 strange creatures in the utility sink. I was afraid to get to close, but from what I could tell they looked liked rats. I assumed they were dead, so I put a towel over the sink and waited for Neal to come home. I had laundry to do and did not want to look at those creatures all day. When Neal got home I told him there were 2 dead rats in the sink. Neal went to check it out. He came back into the kitchen and said, "Those are not rats. They are bats, and they are not dead!!" He began trying to figure how to get 2 ALIVE Bats out of our house. He honestly wanted to get a gun and shoot them. He called his animal loving friend, Justin Stickler and my dad. Neal had made several attempts to capture the bats, but just couln't do it. He said he kept having visions of them flying onto his face. My dad arrived first. He checked out the situation and decided that he would just pick them up and carry them out side. He suited up with gloves and rescued us from BATS. Justin would not allow Neal to kill the bats. So they let them go. Fast forward...Wed night we had bible study and Judson went to my parents. We got home late and put Judson right to bed. I was in the bed when I heard Neal saying, "What is that? Oh dang it!! (I promise that is what he said!!)
He came back to the bedroom and said there was a bat flying around the playroom. The laundry room is just off the playroom and there is no door between the playroom and the rest of the house. Neal called my dad and asked him to come help get rid of he bat. They put a sheet over the door, just incase the bat decided to try to escape into the rest of the house. Dad came with 2 fishing nets. They hid the bat and it fell into the net. They took the bat outside, and killed it (Sorry Justin!!) The Critter Getter is coming to make sure there are not anymore bats in our attic!!

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Kristen said...

Tami, that is too funny! You are very brave to even wait for Neal to come home to take care of it! I've heard the Critter Getter is very good!