Friday, February 22, 2008

Good News

I just wanted to share our good news with ya'll. I am pregnant!! We are very excited!! Judson has been asking for a baby for several months. He is really excited about being a big brother. He will be such a great brother. He talks about helping the baby walk and teaching the baby to share. When I ask him if he wants a girl or boy, he says he wants one of each!!! He told his bible study teachers we were having twins. Neal is concerned that he may have the gift of prophesy!! I am due the end of September. I have been very sick. I was sick with Judson, but I don't remember being this sick, or tired. Neal has been amazing!! He has been doing the laundry, the dishes, taking care of me and Judson. I am truelly blessed to have such a wonderful husband!!


Dona said...

We are so excited for ya'll! We will be keeping you in our prayers. When do you have an ultra-sound to find out if Judson is right- could it be twins?!?!!? How exciting!

Lindsey said...

congrats tami! that is so exciting! sorry to hear you have been sick. hopefully that will pass soon and the rest of your pregnancy will be sick-free!