Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stomach Bug!!

We have been bitten by the stomach bug. It started Wed. night with Judson. He threw up most of Wed. night then had a fever all day Thursday. Judson and Neal spent the night at my parents to try and keep Mary Grace and myself from getting it. Friday Judson was still a little puny.

Saturday Neal and I both said we didnt feel great. By Saturday afternoon we were both sick!!

Mom and Dad came to the rescue and came and got Judson. I am praying that Mary Grace doesnt get it. I've washed my hand so much that they are raw!! I have heard of several others who have had it. It is short lived, but pretty bad while you have it!

Mary Grace is staying awake more. It is so fun to watch her looking around and discovering her surroundings. As hard as the night time feedings are, God has really used that time to connect with me. I spend most of the 30 minutes feeding her praying for my friends and family. It has truelly been a blessing!! Let me know if you need prayer! I have a lot of time to feel!!!


Lindy Simpson Jones said...

tami, I am so sad that ya'll got sick!!! I will pray that mary grace won't get it. she is so sweet... love you!

Darby said...

oh tami!!!!!!!!!!! i didn't know. i'm so sorry that you and neal got it. i'll call you today... please let me know if there is anything i can do for you. i can't imagine how painful it was for you to be sick after a c-section. i'm so so so sorry!!