Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Super Judson

Judson had a birthday party Monday for his friend Tucker Lee. He wanted to dress up like SuperMan. I called around and found this SuperMan costume for him. He was so excited. To add to the excitement...One hour before the party, our back door was left open and 2 tiny birds flew into our house. They were in the playroom flying around. They kept flying into the windows. We opened the windows and took the screens off. My mom got a broom and tried to shew them out. One of them flew out. We had to leave for the party with one of the birds still in the house. We left the windows opened hoping the little bird would figure out how to get out. Thankfully when we got home the little bird was gone!! With all that excitement and a birthday party, I was pretty wiped out Monday night. Thankfully Monday night was a good night for Mary Grace. She went 3 hours between feedings, TWICE!!! It is amazing how much better I felt Tuesday getting just a few extra hours of sleep!!


Lindy Simpson Jones said...

i love it!!!!!! is that his halloween costume too?? miss you!

Anonymous said...

Those are great shots! Fantastic Super Hero poses!!