Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lake weekend!

We spent the weekend at Silver Lake with our great friends Justin and Darby. They have 2 precious little girls. Morgan, the oldest, is one of Judson's best friends. They had the best time playing and swimming in the lake. Judson drove us around the lake on the boat. It was fun to spent several days with Neal and Judson at the lake. Neal and Justin talked farm talk the entire weekend. It is fun to hear him talk about something he loves so much. Darby and I tried to relax as much as possible and sew as much as possible. We both took our sewing machines and several projects. We put the kids down for naps and starting sewing and then at night would put them in the bed and resume where ever we left off. Darby and I decided we could use a whole weekend of just sewing. It is so much fun to have a friend that loves to sew as much as I do. We get really excited about each others projects!! It was such a wonderful weekend.


Darby said...


We had so much fun too... despite a few ailments on my part! :) We look forward to years to come when the children outnumber us! The sling rings have arrived... start searching for your fabric and maybe we can convince the guys to babysit one night soon so we can work on a little project!! I stole a few of your pictures and put them on our blog!! We love y'all!

The Allen Clan said...

tami! i love your blog!! before long you are going to be posting about a sweet baby girl!! judson is so precious.. mini neal for sure!

andi said...

Hey Tami. Found your site from Kristen's. I hope you are feeling great, or as well as a pregnant woman could in the Deep South in the heat of the summer. :) Andi