Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Survival Swimming Lessons

Yesterday Judson started survival swimming lessons. It was pretty scary for him. The teacher, Michelle Colbert (who is so patient and wonderful!!), took him to the middle of the pool, told him to kick and with her hand on his back pushed him toward the side, underwater. She really wanted him to grab the side and pool himself up. He cried every time it was his turn. I prayed a lot last night and this morning that today would go better. We read a little devotion last night that said God gives us strength when we are tired and scared. It was perfect. I was able to talk to Judson about being scared of swimming. We prayed that God would help him not be scared today and would give him the strength to learn to swim. I have faith that everyday will get better and by friday we will have a little swimmer!! I'll keep you posted!!


Kristen said...

I called her today to sign Anna Clare up! I am terrified of how she will react! I better start praying now!!!

Darby Stickler said...

I'm certain he'll get it by the end of the week... at least he listens to her and does exactly what she asks!! We may need to get some practice in this weekend! :) Morgan overheard the older kids asking about the diving board and she already told me on the way home there was no way she was going to go off the diving board tomorrow... YIKES!

hasan said...

Great! Keep it up. Practice makes a man perfect. I m sure he will get better by n by.