Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Survival Swimming Graduates

Judson and his swimming class all graduated Monday. We had a great day. The kids were everywhere. Swimming, jumping off the side, going under water to touch the bottom (Morgan). It was great!! Judson ended very strong. He was jumping off the side to me and swimming back to the side by himself. He was very proud of himself and kept wanting Mrs. Michelle to watch him. Now we just have to keep up the practice all summer. Being pregnant this summer, I dont think I'll argue if he wants to go swimming everyday.


Darby said...

What a precious picture! I may just have to steal it! :) Judson did awesome yesterday! He's welcome here (and you too!) anytime to practice his swimming!! Hopefully we'll get warmer in coming weeks!!

Emilie said...

Hey Tami! I just found your blog! I just wanted to say 'hey!' and tell you I'm so excited about your baby on the way! Judson has gotten so big...he is really cute! Hope you feel all the way better soon! Love, Emilie